About Surfland

The Surfland Story

Back around 1965, when five Oregon beach towns decided to combine into one city, no one could agree on a name.

None of the towns would consider using any of the other current town names. To break the stalemate, a contest was conducted by the newspaper and judged by school children. They chose Surfland. Government officials, however, deemed it too “honky-tonk” and went with Lincoln City instead.

In a nod to what could have been, we decided to celebrate our hometown in all its honky-tonk glory by naming our company Surfland Adventures.

About Us

Surfland Adventures is owned and operated by folks who traveled the world before settling down on the Oregon Coast. We’ve spent the last few years exploring our amazing new home—from whale watching and tide pooling to kayaking and hiking bits of the Oregon Coast Trail.

We’re life-long travelers and learners who are always exploring and looking for new adventures, and we can’t think of a better job than helping fellow adventurers access exceptional experiences and create beautiful memories in our little corner of paradise.

We continually find new things to see and do, which is why our offerings are constantly changing.

Please check in with us from time to time and we’ll let you know about the incredible and off-beat things we’ve discovered. Hopefully you can join us as we share in our explorations of everything our corner of Oregon has to offer.

Our Founder

Shellie Stuart is a native of the Pacific Northwest who spent a large part of her career in Atlanta, Georgia. There she worked with the U.S. State Department to welcome and host VIP guests of the government to the State of Georgia. She developed specialized experiences for visiting individuals and delegations that met the unique personal and professional needs of each visitor. It was her job to know what was happening in the area on any given day, and how to best access opportunities.

Shellie led trips abroad as well. She loved researching destinations, developing itineraries, making logistical arrangements, building local networks, and creating unique access experiences for trips to more than a dozen countries.

She brings that same passion and expertise to Surfland Adventures, and loves helping guests access exceptional experiences and create beautiful memories in our amazing Oregon.